The Hidden Palace

What some reviewers had to say

Joanne, Portobello Book Blog - "There’s love and loss, grief and betrayal, relationships between sisters and inter-generational relationships, secrets and courage. Once again the author has written a sweeping epic novel with plenty to please readers of both romance and historical fiction." Read more

Sue, Brown Flopsy’s Book Burrow - "romance, intrigue and menace … immerses you completely…The Hidden Palace is sure to please." Read more

Karen Louise Hollis, I Heart Books - "a story which is expansive, complex, descriptive and thoughtful, a story which takes in lots of different times and settings, this is for you." Read more

Shaz Goodwin, Jera’s Jamboree - "All your senses come alive.  I thoroughly enjoyed The Hidden Palace." Read more

Karen, Karen K is reading - "…a fascinating story, full of secrets, family problems and new beginnings." Read more

Sarah Farmer-Wright, Her Reading Room - "absolutely love this book. Dinah Jefferies has worked her magic again!" Read more

Jessica Higgins, Write – Read – Life - "will keep readers intrigued to the end!" Read more

Elizabeth, Lib C Reads - "..a story that sweeps you up and makes for a thoroughly enjoyable read.." Read more

Joules Barham, Northern Reader - "…a novel which is difficult to put down once begun, …" Read more

Jo, Jaffa Reads Too - "…good news for fans of this talented author’s work." Read more

Nicki Mags, Secret Library Book Blog - "There is so much more to the story .. Definitely recommended" Read more

Linda Hill, Linda’s Book Bag - "I didn’t so much read The Hidden Palace as step into the pages and be swept away by it. I thought it was just wonderful." Read more

Julie B., Bookish Jottings - "Master storyteller Dinah Jefferies dazzles…" Read more

Sarah, Sarah’s Vignettes’s Reviews - "The story was wonderful to read" Read more

Terri, Bookly Matters - "A fascinating and multi-layered read, .. character-rich treat" Read more

Joanna Park, JoJo’s Over The Rainbow Blog - "I loved this book" Read more

Shaz, Jera’s Jamboree - "I thoroughly enjoyed The Hidden Palace." Read more

Laura, Laura Patricia Rose Reads - "Dinah has such a wonderful way of writing that effortlessly pulls you in." Read more

Emma Crowley, Shaz’s Book Blog - "Historical fiction fans … will love every moment of this book" Read more

Cal Turner, Cal Turner Reviews - "A richly detailed character driven story that I thoroughly enjoyed..  Highly recommended." Read more

Stephanie Rothwell, Steph’s Book Blog - "This was the first book I had read by this author, I will definitely read more." Read more

Daughters of War

What some other authors thought of The Daughters of War

"A tender, moving and at times heart-breaking story." - Sinead Moriarty – bestselling author of About Us

"Lushly descriptive, exciting and vivid, this is a warm and exciting tale that will pull you in and refuse to let you go." - Tracy Rees – bestselling author of The House at Silvermoor

"Rich in courage, love and sacrifice, but chilling and taut in its portrayal of the horrors of war." - Kate Furnivall – bestselling author of The Guardian of Lies

"Moving and evocative. A stirring, richly-imagined novel about bravery and love and family loyalty tested to its limits" - Rachel Rhys – bestselling author of Island of Secrets

"As layers of long-hidden family secrets emerge, you are sure to be hooked to the very last page." - Liz Trenow – bestselling author of The Poppy Factory

"A wonderful absorbing read. …It’s a classy, classic Jefferies novel. Read more…" - Kristin Gleeson – USA Today bestselling author of The Hostage of Glenorchy, Rise of the Celtic Gods Series and others

What some reviewers had to say

Bernie Robinson, Wyres World - "I ..was soon drawn into the lives of the three sisters. …this is definitely a good yarn to settle down with." Read more

Sangeeta Relan, About Her (India) - "The story is tight and well-written. The thrill, the suspense, the romance and the tragedy…makes the book unputdownable." Read more

Carol, Reading Ladies (USA) - "From the first page, Daughters of War is an engaging and page turning story of bravery and sibling relationships." Read more

Better Reading (Australia) - "This is a stunning page-turner you won’t be able to put down." Read more

Divya Kaushik, A Reader’s Alley - "I was hooked from the start." Read more

Sarah Swan, Sarah’s Vignettes - "There are several scenes where I was in tears. … the emotion on the page is powerful." Read more

Linda Hill, Linda’s Book Bag - "Daughters of War is the complete package and not to be missed. I thought it was excellent." Read more

Laura Turner, Page Turner’s Nook - "Undoubtedly one of the best novels to come out of 2021." Read more

Stacey Hammond, Stacey Reads Books - "Beautifully written, this was a richly descriptive, atmospheric, character driven read. Full of intrigue, romance & drama, I would highly recommend this…" Read more

Nicole, Twilight Reader - "takes you on a journey that sucks you into the pages deeper." Read more

Gemma, The Book Cosy - "Jefferies’ brilliant storytelling makes this not only a compelling read but one that is completely captivating." Read more

Michaela Syson, Micky’s Bookworm - "Throughly recommend this book it’s incredible." Read more

Livy, Shelves of Starlight - "Oh my goodness this book is incredible" Read more

Ellen, Elllen Z Reads - "gorgeous and sad and graphic and devastating and hopeful all at once," Read more

Stacey Woods, It Takes A Woman - "an incredibly rewarding read." Read more

Shaz Goodwin, Jera’s Jamboree - "Three kick-ass heroines who are an inspiration …   I loved it.  It’s one of those stories that will stay with me for a long time. .." Read more

Karen Kingston, Karen K Is Reading - "swept away in a good historical fiction" Read more

Jen, Travels Along My Bookshelf - "The writing is wonderful, it is tense and thrilling but interjected with periods of beauty and calm." Read more

Irish Daily Mirror - "a wonderful writer and her story of wartime bravery is a joy to read" Read more

Jenny, The Gingerbread House - "a stunning tale of sisters, secrets and bravery in the darkness of war-torn France" Read more

Helen, She Reads Novels - "I’m sure I’ll be reading the other two books in the trilogy," Read more

Audrey, Hook Me A Book - "immensely enjoyable" Read more

Tissie, Bookshelves & Teacups - "an uplifting story." Read more

Jane Hunt Writer Blog - "An emotional and sensory delight. Cleverly created characters draw you into their tumultuous lives. Emotive and thought-provoking, it resonates." Read more

Pam Norfolk, Book-marked - "Exhilarating, and at times terrifying, but always full of heart and hope, …. storytelling at its very best." Read more

Nimalee Ravi, fantasybookcraz_mum - "This story is beautifully written, packed with drama and action…this is a must read book" Read more

Cheryl M, M’s Book Blog - "a deeper connection of experience and solidarity. Indeed, it’s what makes the story." Read more

Julie B, Bookish Jottings - "Full of brilliantly drawn characters, evocative period descriptions, searing intensity and engrossing family drama, Daughters of War is a first class historical novel from the fabulous Dinah Jefferies." Read more

Adele Blair, Kraftireader - "Atmospheric, captivating and emotive." Read more

Elizabeth, LibCReads - "a moving story with wonderful characters" Read more

Sophie, SnowphieTheBookWorm - "brilliantly written," Read more

Mrs B’s Book Reviews - "Inspiring, moving, informative and highly readable, I stand firm in my full recommendation of Daughters of War." Read more

Megan Jones, Let’s Talk Books - "sweeping historical read with fantastic central characters whom I came to love and cannot wait to be reunited with." Read more

Dawn Lewis, Dawn’s Book Reviews - "It is beautifully written, with characters as realistic as you could wish for, and a plot that will have you shredding tissues." Read more

Cathy A J, What Cathy Read Next - "Romantic, sweeping, dramatic" Read more

Joanne Peters, Pickled Thoughts & Pinot - "this is one not to be missed!" Read more

Alex, Reading Between the Notes - "Daughters of War took me on a real emotional journey and I definitely recommend it." Read more

Rhiandydd Morris - "amazing book … I loved every page." Read more

Ilana Weissz, Wild Writing Life - "the writing and storytelling are irresistible" Read more

Joanna Park, Over The Rainbow Book Blog - "I absolutely loved this absorbing, gripping read" Read more

Sharon Rimmelzwaan, Beyond the Books - "(An) historical saga story that can tug on your heartstrings and evoke such emotion." Read more

Susan, The Book Trail - "I’ve read many stories set in France during the war but never one that is so touching and moving." Read more

Natalie V, Reviewer, NetGalley - "A truly bittersweet story that pulls at the heartstrings whilst evoking a feeling of hope." Read more

Sian B, Reviewer, NetGalley - "A story of love, loss and family secrets…beautifully crafted." Read more

Angela H, Reviewer, NetGalley - "Thoroughly enchanting and enjoyable…I was transported." Read more

Valerie C, Reviewer, NetGalley - "I loved reading this. Can’t wait for her next novel" Read more

Catherine B, Educator, NetGalley - "This is the first book I have read by this author and I loved it." Read more

Jacqui D, Reviewer, NetGalley - "The three sisters are wonderful characters." Read more

Penny C, Reviewer, NetGalley - "Dinah Jefferies never disappoints." Read more

Angela T, Reviewer, NetGalley - "I love Dinah Jefferies’s books and this one could be my favourite so far." Read more

Claire H, Reviewer, NetGalley - "Absolutely loved this book!…A great story of loss and love." Read more

Rosemary S, Librarian , NetGalley - "There is no better author writing historical fiction today." Read more

Nicki M, The Secret Library - "Wow this was so good!  One of those books that I couldn’t stop thinking about…This is my first book by Dinah Jefferies but will definitely not be my last, as I’ll be reading the rest of the trilogy’" Read more

Annette C, Librarian, NetGalley - "an enjoyable page turner which I definitely recommend." Read more

foxyflojo83, Reviewer, BookBub - "This is a stunning novel." Read more

Jeanie McKinlay, Reviewer, NetGalley - "outstandingly beautiful book" Read more

Kirsty L, Reviewer, NetGalley - "A totally gripping read" Read more

Kathy S, Reviewer, NetGalley - "I could not put it down from the moment I started reading it." Read more

Siobhan R, Reviewer, NetGalley - "Just bloody fantastic!" Read more

Maika, Maika Medici Blog (Italy) - "It is impossible not to empathize with the characters. …One twist after another well thought out to hold your attention and never slow down the pace in a novel full of emotion. Highly recommended." Read more

The Tuscan Contessa

What some other authors thought of The Tuscan Contessa

"You’ve done it again, Dinah Jefferies! Beautiful writing, wonderful characters, gripping story, and such a gorgeously evoked Tuscan setting – how I loved this!! …. A perfect, immersive summer read!" - Jenny Ashcroft – author of Meet Me in Bombay and others

"A stunning story of love and loyalty in wartime and I particularly adored the way Dinah evoked place, period and culture. Maxine and Sofia are such brilliantly strong characters and I read breathlessly as she led them through such terrible tragic events." - Rachel Hore – author of Last Letter Home and others

"I love Dinah Jefferies’ novels for the way they conjure up exotic countries at turning points in their history – and no turning point could be more dramatic that the months in 1943-44 when the Allies fought to take back the Italian peninsula from Fascist control. There are two gritty heroines – Sofia, the Contessa of the title, and Maxine, an Italian-American resistance fighter – both of whom risk everything to help the Allies. There’s Castello de’Corsi, the ancient family seat, whose twisting tunnels and soaring towers provide hiding places for those on the run – but do the Germans suspect? Against the glorious backdrop of Tuscan countryside, full of warmth and colour, acts of shocking evil are committed, love is found and lost, and bravery is tested to the limit. It’s a lush, fast-moving, gripping story, that will keep you guessing till the last pages. A perfect summer read." - Gill Paul – author of The Secret Wife and others

What some reviewers had to say

Lizanne LLoyd, Lizanne lost in a good book - "I found it difficult to put this book down. …I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a thrilling story of loyalty, love and fellowship." Read more

Emma Clarendon, Love London Culture - "The Tuscan Contessa is a powerful and impressive read in the way it merges both history and fiction to tell a compelling story set in the darkest of times. It is beautifully and sensitively told." Read more

Willow’s Corner Book Reviews (South Africa) - "This was such a heart-breaking yet beautiful story." Read more

Katherine Mezzacappa, The Historical Novel Society - "Jefferies writes beautifully." Read more

Gwyn GB, Kelly Clayton & Deborah Carr, The Blonde Plotters - "I couldn’t put it down….draws you in to the heart-breaking experiences they are forced to face in that beautiful place and the horrors of what women like Sofia and Maxine were forced to overcome simply to survive during that terrible time in history." Read more

Sandra Danby, - "A moving story of women in wartime facing impossible odds, finding hidden courage and a dash of recklessness in order to fight the enemy. And the recognition of the line which, when crossed, means that your own life ceases to matter when the death of an enemy is preferable. Trust, between women, between strangers, is at the heart of everything." Read more

Samanta et al, Letture Sale e Pepe (Italy) - "Un romanzo che sa di storia, che profuma di amore, che termina con la speranza." Read more

Pamela Scott, The Book Lover’s Boudoir - "[The} go-to author for well-written, emotive, powerful historical fiction. …Another treat!" Read more

Jules, One More Word - "the whole novel shines" Read more

Jack, JTHBooks - "Dinah Jefferies has done it again. … Another fantastic novel. I was hooked from start to finish." Read more

Shaz Goodwin, Jera’s Jamboree - "Dinah Jefferies doesn’t hold back or shield us from the brutality during this time in history and the events made me feel raw and exposed (which is a good thing). I felt as if I was living on a knife edge throughout.  In my opinion, this is Dinah Jefferies best novel yet." Read more

Claire Taylor, Little Ginger Bear blog - "I do love to read about strong, determined women, and this book gave me that in spades! The characters were wonderful, I wanted to be friends with all of them, and to be honest, I found them an inspiration." Read more

Pam Norfolk, Lancashire Evening Post and others - "With its captivating blend of fact and fiction, and the Tuscan landscape rendered both breathtakingly beautiful and terrifyingly menacing, this is the perfect escape for long summer evenings." Read more

Joanne, Portobello Book Blog - "a book which will appeal to fans of historical fiction with its mix of courage, love, loss and hope." Read more

Karen Kingston, Karen K is reading - "This book is so beautifully written that I could imagine myself in Italy watching the story unfold. I was holding my breath in places and had damp eyes a few times during the book.

.. this is now one of my favourites." Read more

Little Miss Book Lover - "..completely amazed how much I have loved this book. I have definitely been kept on the edge of my seat and have completely devoured this entire book in one sitting. This is most definitely a five star read." Read more

Laura, Novel Kicks - "Oh, this novel. Wow……There were moments of complete heartbreak but also ones of hope, love and joy – … but I warn you, you will need a cup of tea and a pack of tissues." Read more

Linda Hill, Linda’s Book Bag - "Dinah Jefferies blends initial sumptuous glamour with harsh and realistic reality into an intoxicating read. The sense of place, of history and of human nature is a heady mix in this novel. I thoroughly recommend it." Read more

Woman’s Weekly magazine - "a captivating and powerful read of wartime friendships and gorgeous locations, it won’t fail to pull at your heartstrings in more ways than one."

Candy Hart, Candy’s Bookcase - "Wow ! just Wow ! …  a fabulous read… If you only read one book this summer, make it this one … It’s a book you can’t put down, it grabs you right from the first page, up to the last. I adored this book and give it my highest award of 10/10 (5stars)" Read more

Stacey Woods, It Takes A Woman - "…. truly immersive …. Another recommended title from Dinah Jefferies." Read more

Jane Hunt, Jane Hunt Book Blog - "This is an emotional story exploring the horrors of war and the human cost. Humorous touches and romance balance the poignancy, making it addictive reading. 5*" Read more

Shaz Goodwin, Jera’s Jamboree - "I cried for the loss and I cried for the hope. …..this is Dinah Jefferies’s best story yet." Read more

Cathy Powell blog - "Utterly moving and gripping. Absolutely loved it."

The People & The Sunday Mirror - "Pacy historical thriller"

Candis magazine - "A captivating novel of friendship and love with rich historical detail."

Best Magazine - "thrilling, twisty, intense."

Mirtilla Amelia, Pink Magazine – Italy - "Here, in this novel is the light in the midst of the darkness of a historical period that we cannot (and absolutely must not) forget… This novel must be read and loved in all its poignant beauty and intensity." Read more

Hecate, Cronache di Lettrici Accanite – Italy - "this is a book that I will not forget .. it moved me deeply and .. I would like to recommend it to you

Sicuramente si tratta di una lettura di cui non mi scorderò tanto facilmente poiché è riuscita a smuovermi nel profondo ed è per questo che vorrei consigliarvela." Read more

Maika, Maika Medici Blog – Italy - "A true Masterpiece!

Da leggere perché in fondo non dovete mai smettere di sperare, specialmente se è il cuore a suggerirlo. Da leggere per avere quel senso di pienezza di cui non si può far a meno. Da leggere perché ora avete la certezza che è un vero capolavoro!

Questo è il genere di romanzo che non deve mai mancare in libreria. È facile dare dei connotati storici a un libro; non è la stessa cosa riuscire a rendere vivi dei personaggi, incastrandoli alla perfezione nel contesto storico. Dinah Jefferies merita molto più di un plauso." Read more

Liz Robinson, LoveReading - "A fascinating, bold and beautiful historical novel, chosen as a Liz Robinson Pick of the Month. The Tuscan Contessa is another compelling, eloquent read from Dinah Jefferies that I can recommend." Read more

The Missing Sister

What some other authors thought of The Missing Sister

"Dinah Jefferies has a knack of getting under the skin of her exotic locations and this story about loss and love, set in sultry Burma during the troubled 1930s, is no exception." - Kate Riordan – author of The Stranger and many others

"The Missing Sister is a pacy, intriguing novel. Set in an exotic, little-known location, it draws you in to its secrets and dangers; the dark recesses of Burma. I stayed up all night reading." - Carol Drinkwater – author of The Lost Girl and many others

"Dinah has an infallible ability to draw us into deliciously exotic worlds, and The Missing Sister is no exception. The superficial glamour of late colonial-era Burma reveals unsettling undercurrents and growing unrest, the perfect backdrop for the thrilling tale of a singer’s desperate search for her lost sister. A wonderfully compelling, immersive read with characters that stay with you long afterwards." - Liz Trenow – author of The Poppy Factory and others

"I positively raced through The Missing Sister this week and adored it! It’s full of Dinah Jefferies’ trademark atmosphere, with the colours and scents and wildlife of Burma described so vividly I felt I was there – and there’s a terrific story too." - Gill Paul – author of The Secret Wife and others

"The Missing Sister is a rich and enjoyable read on so many levels. It’s an intriguing mystery, a deliciously rewarding romance, and a searing portrait of mental breakdown. 1930s Burma is vividly evoked, and the plot is worked out to a conclusion that is not simply satisfying, but almost magical. This is a moving and complex story, beautifully told." - Isabel Wolff – author of Ghostwritten and many others

"I was gripped, moved and utterly in thrall to this deeply emotional and compelling tale. Jefferies is truly a master of her craft. She writes so vividly I could feel the Rangoon grit under my finger nails and the humidity heavy on my skin. This powerful story explores the all-consuming impact of family and lifts the lid with an intimate sensitivity on how we deal with loss and betrayal in our lives. Belle and Diana are wonderful characters who leapt effortlessly into my life and whirled me through a helter-skelter of danger and suspicion that had me turning the pages late into the night. As always with a Dinah Jefferies book the research was meticulous. I loved it." - Kate Furnivall – author of The Italian Wife and others

What some reviewers had to say

Lindy Lou, LindyLouMac’s Book Reviews - "Dinah Jefferies has written another novel that is so evocative in terms of period and place" Read more

Han, The Northern Writes - "A beautiful setting like with all of Dinah Jefferies books, …. I love it if I can get to the end of the novel and still have no idea whodunit, those are the BEST and this was one of them." Read more

Tyna, Delicatese Literare (Romania) - "A book I highly recommend!" Read more

Samanta, Letture Sale e Pepe (Italy) - "Un concentrato di personaggi, trama ben intrecciata, segreti svelati lentamente come un abile detentore di un’asta d’arte, intrighi, amore e famiglia si avvicendano in questo romanzo da cinque stelle." Read more

Emanuela, Romanticamente Fantasy (Italy) - "non si può lasciare il libro sino al finale mozzafiato. Molto bello." Read more

Dorotea Rita Giordano, The Passion For Books (Italy) - "Consiglio questo romanzo perché è un viaggio tra la storia, i sentimenti, misteri accattivanti e paesaggi da sogno. Vi conquisterà lentamente e non riuscirete a staccarvi fino a quando non lo avrete finito, quando con una piccola lacrima leggerete l’ultima pagina, perché alla fine non potrete non riflettere sui legami familiari, sull’amore che può esserci tra un figlio e i propri genitori, troppo spesso dato per scontato.
Un romanzo storico più attuale di tanti romanzi contemporanei.
Veramente una bella storia." Read more

Marta Gargiulo, Voglio essere sommersa dai libri (Italy) - "Questa è una storia che coinvolge profondamente la mente di chi legge: i personaggi, i paesaggi e una trama ricca di segreti e misteri non permettono di staccare gli occhi dalle pagine. Il resto della magia lo compie la prosa curata ed elegante di un’autrice che non smette di stupire e raccontare storie avvincenti, romantiche e anche con un pizzico di suspense che non guasta mai. …..Ancora una volta, la Jefferies non delude!" Read more

Pam Norfolk, Lancashire Post - "Jefferies has brought us exciting stories steeped in the amazing landscapes of faraway countries on the cusp of seismic changes……..a masterful storyteller." Read more

Emma Clarendon, Love London Love Culture - "This latest novel from Dinah Jefferies is her best yet, combining vivid detail along with beautifully created characters and a compelling story that makes The Missing Sister thoroughly engaging from start to finish." Read more

Candy Hart, Candy’s Bookcase - "Another excellent read from the queen of the historical novels!" Read more

Jules, One More Word - "I loved the writing, the setting, the characters – .. and I really enjoyed the mystery element of the plot. …Absolutely worth a read." Read more

Shaz Goodwin, Jera’s Jamboree - "This story will keep you intrigued as you journey the streets of Rangoon and on the river to Mandalay. There will be sights and sounds you never thought you would see or hear. You’ll see the worst of human nature and the best; the consequences of the past and how it affects people in the future. You’ll experience melancholy, sadness, fear and love. The Missing Sister packs a powerful emotional punch. Highly recommended." Read more

Emma Crowley, Shaz’s Book Blog - "Dinah Jefferies has once again written another brilliant book that reels you in from the first page and doesn’t relinquish its grasp until the final word." Read more

Agi, Onmybookshelf - " a hooking, captivating read with a difference – highly recommended!" Read more

Lizanne Lloyd, Lost in a Good Book - "..a compelling eastern tale of mystery and romance.." Read more

Stacey Woods, It Takes a Woman - "excellent and well worth catching up with" Read more

Celia Moontown - "Another true gem from Dinah Jefferies!" Read more

Katy Johnson, Katy’s Writing Coffee Shop - "I don’t think I’ve ever come across an author who paints scenes as vividly as Dinah Jefferies….. I’d recommend this book to anyone who enjoys historical mysteries set in exotic locations." Read more

Rea, Rea Book Reviews - "another remarkable atmospheric novel" Read more

Lynne Barnes, Barnsey’s Books - "…expressive and faultless writing …a great piece of historical romantic fiction .." Read more

Julie Williams, Boon’s Bookcase - "another beautiful atmospheric story … which was a joy to read" Read more

The Sunday Mirror - "Fabulously descriptive escapism, a pleasing mix of mystery and romance."

Bettina Hartas, TripFiction - "The author is always terrific at creating a colourful, exotic and vibrant setting for her stories." Read more

Susan, The Book Trail - "Gripping and lyrically written. A real treat." Read more

Liz Robinson, LoveReading - "The Missing Sister is richly and expressively eye-catching, it swept me up into the pages, releasing me only at the very satisfying ending." Read more

Karen Dennise, One More Word - "..a great read and I knew from the very beginning that it was going to be a book for me" Read more

Jane Hunt, Jane Hunt Writer - "….will touch your emotions and inspire your imagination. 5 *" Read more

Anne Mackle, Books with Wine and Chocolate - "This was definitely a page turner. There seems to be danger for Belle at every corner. I was swept up with the descriptions of Rangoon and Mandalay….  (the mother) Diane’s story is heartbreaking.
…. A really good read." Read more

The Sapphire Widow

What some other authors thought of The Sapphire Widow

"The Sapphire Widow has everything I love about Dinah Jefferies’ novels: the exotic scent of spices, the clammy heat, the vivid colours of flowers and sunsets, the shriek of monkeys and the gentle chirping of foreign insects on the breeze…. it’s the most romantic … so far, and I’ve read them all." - Gill Paul – author of The Secret Wife

"The sights, smells and atmosphere of Ceylon are beautifully depicted. This is Dinah Jefferies at her best." - Lucinda Riley – bestselling author of ‘The Seven Sisters’ and several others

"A sweeping tale, beautifully written in a wonderful setting, heart rending yet ultimately up lifting. Gorgeous." - Katie Fforde – bestselling author of A Vintage Wedding, Recipe for Love, and A French Affair.

What some reviewers had to say

Lindy Lou, LindyLouMac’s Book Reviews - "her novels are always wonderfully evocative" Read more

Pamela Scott, The Book Lovers Boudoir - "The author knows how to bring history to brilliant, vivid life. The words transported me to Ceylon. I could smell the cinnamon and see the fireflies in the dark." Read more

Michael Leonard, Curled Up With a Good Book (USA) - "a vibrant portrayal of a particular time and place." Read more

Ptite Aurel, The Lovely Teacher Addictions (France) - "Bref, une fois de plus j’ai été conquise par ce roman qui m’ a permis de m’évader avec une romance poignante et intense. Je découvre la plume de Dinah Jefferies et je me suis plongée avec délice dans une histoire qui se déroule au fil des pages et des événements et on a envie de connaître le dénouement final qui espérons le sera heureux." Read more

Beli, Livre sa vie (France) - "L’auteure n’a pas son pareil, …" Read more

Lizanne Lloyd, Lost in a Good Book - "…I particularly enjoyed it, … I could identify with the lonely but independent Louisa and the stories of other characters added interest and context to her tale." Read more

Cristiana Carnevali, Mangialibri (Italy) - "Sa scegliere bene i suoi protagonisti e li sa modellare perfettamente in storie mai scontate e in cui l’imprevisto è sempre dietro l’angolo." Read more

Aurélie, Mon jardin littéraire (France) - "La plume de Dinah Jefferies est fluide….J’avais déjà remarqué que Dinah Jefferies avait un grand talent de conteuse." Read more

Alice Neverland (France) - "Cette romance historique m’aura transportée. Les personnages sont très agréables, tout comme le décor, prenant place dans ce Ceylan du début du XXème siècle, qui m’a apporté un réel dépaysement. Le tout servi par la plume vraiment captivante de Dinah Jefferies…" Read more

Muaty, Muatyland (Italy) - "Eccoci qui con una muova recensione. Il libro di Dinah Jefferies che vediamo in tutte le vetrine mi sarà piaciuto oppure no? Bhè per togliervi subito ogni dubbio, vi anticipo subito ilio pensiero, il libro mi è piaciuto davvero molto." Read more

Natasha Patel, Once Upon A Storie - "I would give anything to be on those beaches and cinnamon plantations with the characters as they unravel a web of lies. ….the mystery of the threats Louisa is facing and who from her household is involved provided a surprise and the tension gave the book an extra boost.

Now, I’ll be planning a dream trip to Sri Lanka so thanks Dinah for inspiring me!" Read more

Elisabeth Lenckos, Historical Novel Society (USA) - "Jefferies’ love for the southeast Asian landscape shines through her every word, and she draws a vibrant portrait of colonial-era Ceylon in the 1930s: its planters, businessmen, and pioneering women, as well as the international criminals who prey on them…The Sapphire Widow is a thoroughly enjoyable read and comes highly recommended." Read more

Margherita, Esmeralda Viaggi e Libri (Italy) - "mi piacerebbe leggere altro di questa bravissima autrice che con le sue parole ricche di sentimenti è riusciva a coinvolgermi e catturarmi." Read more

Sonja, Libro del Cuore (Italy) - "Lettura avvincente e appassionante che, nel complesso, mi ha favorevolmente colpita. …Un racconto molto ricco di fatti, narrazione, paesaggi, emozioni, personaggi. Tutto ben dosato ed equilibrato, come solo una maestra della scrittura rosa come Dinah Jefferies sa fare. 4 1/2*" Read more

Alice-Elizabeth, Married to Books Reviews and Blog - "Oh my, the story cover says a story of love and betrayal included and my word, both were heavily included! What an action-packed historical fiction novel that completely surprised me and exceeded my expectations." Read more

Kiki, Romanticamente Fantasy (Italy) - "Non mancherà una buona dose di suspense nel finale, che darà un pizzico di vivacità in più a questa novità editoriale, tra le cui pagina ammireremo splendidi tramonti e sentiremo il profumo dei fiori esotici ed il romore della pioggia…." Read more

Viviana, Libri Magnetici (Italy) - "Una storia triste, dolorosa, ma c’è anche voglia di rinascere e di rialzarsi dopo una brutta caduta. Libro sicuramente consigliato." Read more

Emma Clarendon, Love London Culture - ".written with great sensitivity and style that it is virtually impossible to put down once you have started…a beautiful story that has been compellingly written" Read more

Chris, Donna’s Book Blog - "It was a joy to read and very highly recommended to any fans of historical fiction – 5 stars" Read more

Judy Finnigan, Richard and Judy Book Club - "I loved the period atmosphere of this book, and the sense of a vanished time." Read more

Richard Madeley, Richard and Judy Book Club - "Personal experience and impeccable research combine to give her books real authenticity and dramatic punch." Read more

Callie Hill, Literature Love - "A beautifully written, almost poetic, narrative with vivid imagery that transports the reader to another time and place…..5 out of 5 stars. …I absolutely loved this book and couldn’t put it down. I recommend you stop what you’re doing and go and buy this book now!" Read more

Pam Norfolk, Lancashire Evening Post - "The Sapphire Widow, a quietly dramatic and passionate tale of grief, self-discovery, romance and renewal,……a heartbreaking but ultimately uplifting story, written with insight and empathy," Read more

Lisa, Pass the Prosecco Please - "From the first chapter I was completely sold, and fully absorbed by this fabulous story.  … The author writes with a passion I’ve not come across before – the storytelling is vibrant and powerful yet sympathetic to the period. … – I cannot wait to read her other books, I have indeed found a new favourite." Read more

Sarah Hughes, Heat Magazine - "beautifully written and enthralling … *****(5 stars)" Read more

Holly, Bookaholic Confessions - "Dinah Jefferies is such a fantastic author. She creates memorable characters, fascinating settings and ultimately, she writes captivating stories that take you on adventures you’ll never forget." Read more

The Peterborough Telegraph - ".. will love this one too..superbly written with a central character you’ll care about."

Julie Williams, Boon’s Bookcase - "This story has loss, vulnerability, friendship and love with both villains and heroes.  I have no problem in recommending this book and awarding it 5 Stars as the vivid and atmospheric words are magical." Read more

Karen Dennise, My Reading Corner - "The Sapphire Widow is another mesmerising story from Dinah Jefferies….Drama, secrets and betrayals, romance – all sitting against a mysterious and sinister backdrop." Read more

Shaz Goodwin, Jera’s Jamboree - "There are moments of grief in The Sapphire Widow but also moments of pure joy. …this is a story of secrets and heartache but ultimately .. uplifting. One not to miss." Read more

Stacey Woods, It Takes A Woman - "add The Sapphire Widow – and, in fact, any of Dinah Jefferies’ novels – to your summer reading pile." Read more

Jan Lambert, BeadyJans Books - "Lavish and descriptive and richly evocative, yet never trashy or light and fluffy, this epic romantic saga by one of my favourite authors swept me away on a spice fragranced, colourful magic carpet.." Read more

Jo, Jaffareadstoo - "At its heart The Sapphire Widow is a wonderful story of love and devastating betrayal which sweeps the reader away from the mundane and into a faraway world of scent and spices." Read more

The People - "Great romantic escapism"

Candy Hart, Candy’s Bookcase - "A beautiful, gentle read, that’s just like a huge hug ! it picks you up and keeps you really engrossed until every last word. I would say this is her best yet ! I give this beautiful read 10/10." Read more

Emma Crowley, Shaz’s Book Blog - "Once again Dinah Jefferies has written another novel that will have you swept up in all the mystery, betrayal and intrigue that oozes from every chapter." Read more

Jane Hunt, Jane Hunt Writer blog - "it is the characters and setting that make this story memorable, especially Louise." Read more

Linda Hill, Linda’s Book Bag - "a sweeping love story and can be enjoyed quite simply on that level. However, it is also a glorious cultural travelogue, transporting the reader to another country. It’s an historical tale with such a well researched level of accuracy that reading The Sapphire Widow makes the reader hugely satisfied," Read more

Rea, Rea’s Book Reviews - "There is not another author whose writing I can compare Dinah’s to, she just has me mesmerised by her beautiful way with words and every book of hers has been a joy to read and this one is no exception." Read more

Adele Blair, Kraftireader - "A stunning, evocative story coping with grief, deceit, emotional turmoil and fresh starts." Read more

Anne Mackle, Books With Wine And Chocolate. - "Dinah Jefferies is an author who knows how to use words to evoke every emotion in her reader and I recommend you to read this and immerse yourself in them.  A great read." Read more

Celia Moontown, Celia Moontown Blog - "It always amazes me how Dinah Jefferies can create characters with such immense inner strength and intense vulnerability. ……..I wait to get lost in the sensory and emotional explosion of her writing. ….A really absorbing read." Read more

Susan, The Book Trail - "Simply gorgeous with a mysterious and revealing plot that shakes out one surprise after another. Heartfelt emotions and well developed characters. A gem of a read." Read more

Liz Robinson, LoveReading - "‘The Sapphire Widow’ is a gorgeous captivating tale full of emotion" Read more

Before the Rains

What some reviewers had to say

Pamela Scott, The Book Lovers Boudoir - "I found this book engrossing…….. the ability to completely pull you into a different era, until it becomes so real you lose sense of the real world outside the book. The word-building in this book was fantastic." Read more

Veličanstvena.knjiga (Croatia) - "Dinah is an author who does her job masterfully, her works delight readers. And this story, like all her other works, will totally engage you and you will not be able to put the book down.

Dinah je autorica koja majstorski odrađuje svoj posao, njena djela oduševljavaju čitatelje. I ova priča, kao i sva njena druga djela, zaokupirat će vas potpuno i nećete moći tako lako ispustiti knjigu iz ruku." Read more

Diane Ramos, Coisasdediane (Brazil) - "Antes da Tempestade é um livro muito enriquecedor, Dinah Jefferies fez um trabalho incrível…..Recomendo o livro .." Read more

Vanessa Vieira, Nessa News (Brazil) - "…é um romance estupendo, com um pano de fundo ricamente histórico e uma linda e resplandecente história de amor." Read more

Valentina Murruni, Passion For Books (Italy) - "Se amate i romanzi storici rosa non potete perdere questa lettura, lasciatevi anche voi trasportare in quel magico posto che è l’India.  Buona lettura." Read more

Silke Wimme, Perfecte Buren dus! (Netherlands) - "De auteur vermengt in ‘Voor de Moesson’ op ingenieuze wijze haar maatschappijkritische blik met elementen zoals feelgood, romantiek, mysterie, … en dit met een heldere, beeldende schrijfstijl," Read more

Amit Roy, The Telegraph (India) - "a very well-written tale of a passionate monsoon romance" Read more

Joanna Kapica-Curzytek, Esensja (Poland) - "Zanim nadejdzie monsun” prowadzi nas do przedwojennych Indii, odsłaniając bogatą kulturę tego kraju i nawiązując do obecności brytyjskich kolonistów. Jest też miłość, zdolna pokonać kulturowe różnice oraz największe przeciwności losu." Read more

Tamires Marins, Meu Eepilogo (Brazil) - "…digo que é uma história que merece atenção por seus cenários bem construídos e pela visível pesquisa histórica no qual ela foi embasada. …espero que o próximo livro seja publicado o quanto antes, … sei que a autora ainda vai me fazer sentir daquele jeito novamente." Read more

Raquel Fernandes, Eu Pratico Livroterapia (Brazil) - "Estou muito feliz de ter escolhi esse livro para ler nesse fim de ano e com certeza não ler outros livros da autoa, pois esse é o quarto livro de romance dela. Espero trazer para vocês outras leituras dos livros dessa maravilhosa escritora. Tenho certeza que ela ganhou meu coração e irei reler futuramente esse livro." Read more

Serena Saponaro, Cioccolatoelibri (Italy) - "Quando lasci tutto per amore puoi solo essere amato." Read more

Patrizia Debicke van der Noot, Mentelocale (Italy) - "Dinah Jefferies in queste pagine si conferma abile affabulatrice di storie esotiche, che parlano di epoche e Paesi lontani." Read more

Joanne Lewis, Pickled Thoughts and Pinot - "An historical novel bursting with colour and a fabulous read!" Read more

Julie Ryan, Round the world in 26 books - "Dinah Jefferies has truly mastered the skill of transporting the reader, both in time and place" Read more

Debra’s Book Cafe - "This book just swept me away." Read more

Jo Darcy, The Book Jotter - "Vividly descriptive and beautifully written, this is a book you must read." Read more

Emma Crowley, Shaz’s Book Blog - "..another utter triumph….she is up there.. as one of the greatest storytellers in recent years." Read more

Susan, The Booktrail - "a stunningly epic read." Read more

Amy, Compelling Reads - "..a novel which…blends history, romance and the exotic Indian landscape into a captivating story, it’s Dinah’s signature style which works so well" Read more

Laura Parish, Novel Kicks - "Before the Rains is a beautifully crafted novel. Simply put, I loved it."

Rea, Rea’s Book Reviews - "This was another flawless read by Dinah Jefferies that had me engrossed from the very first chapter" Read more

Jan Lambert, Beady Jans Books - "I was completely and utterly engrossed in this opulent and vibrant tale of British Rule in India and forbidden love which is the absolute epitome of historical romance." Read more

Jo, Jaffa Reads Too - "Beautifully evoking time and place, the story is filled with intriguing people….Dinah Jefferies is fast becoming one of those authors who I know will never let me down." Read more

Sarra Manning, Red - "Before The Rains, is the kind of vividly detailed, yet nuanced, historical romance that we’ve come to expect from Dinah Jefferies." Read more

JB Johnston, Brook Cottage Books - "Before The Rains is a breath-taking novel that I would highly recommend." Read more

Shaz Godwin, Jera’s Jamboree - "hooked me in straight away … all my senses awake and my emotions heightened….The settings are just magical. Dinah Jefferies is so skillful in bringing everything to life, I was transported to another time to another culture. …The romance is soul to soul. Beautiful, poignant and takes your breath away. …The ending is perfect. Just perfect." Read more

Laura Turner, Page Turners Nook - "It is stunning and beautiful, yet at the same time harrowing and heart-breaking. I didn’t want it to end – I wanted it to go on forever, especially the story of Eliza and Jay – it grabbed me like no other." Read more

Michelle Ryles, The Book Magnet - "Another fabulous saga. Before the Rains is absolutely oozing with colour, sounds and smells of exotic imperial India.  You often hear people say that ‘I closed my eyes and I was there’ but with Dinah Jefferies my eyes were wide open.  A colourful, vibrant epic that I highly recommend." Read more

Julie Williams, Boon’s Bookcase - "Dinah Jefferies brings this book to life with mesmerising details of the sights, sounds and smells that make you feel that you are actually there!" Read more

Pam Norfolk, Lancashire Evening Post and syndicates - "Before the Rains is a sizzling, eye-opening page-turner and confirms Jefferies’s reputation as both a master storyteller and an acute observer of 20th century colonial history." Read more

Vicky Leigh, The Welsh Librarian blog - "Before the rains is yet another beautifully written historical novel.. Every detail is perfect, you can really immerse yourself into 1930s India and almost believe that you are there." Read more

Annie, The Misstery - "an evocative and beautifully written book" Read more

Nell Young, CultureFly - "Jefferies describes the complex emotions of love and loss with extreme sensitivity, and coupled with the steamy settings of her book, it makes for a heady concoction, providing the perfect setting for her strong, independent female protagonists." Read more

Rose Amber, Bookworms and Shutterbugs - "You can feel the heat, smells, spices and colours of India- wrapped within the wonderful pages." Read more

Emma Louise, Emma’s Bookish Corner - "I love .. the wonderfully descriptive writing. I was walking round the palace and feeling the searing heat of the Indian sun on my skin, whilst listening to the rain outside my living room. The sounds, scents and sights of India come alive in ‘Before The Rains’ whether it be the scent of jasmine in the air or the colourful powder throwing Holi celebrations, you experience it all." Read more

Jenny, The Gingerbread House - "I loved this book" Read more

S Magazine, The Sunday Express - "Packed with colour, history, atmosphere and plenty of twists and turns, this is a lush, escapist read”    S Magazine (Sunday Express) Review"

Amanda, One More Page - "Dinah uses both Jay and Eliza and their relatives and friends in India and England to explore the notions of love, loss, family, fate and destiny… I found Before the Rains an emotional and gripping read." Read more

Artika Aurora Bakshi (Sri Lanka), The Good Book Corner - "The romance of Rajputana comes alive in Dinah Jefferies’ latest novel..that .. is brimming with mystery, historical charm and soft romance." Read more

Katherine Sunderland, BiblioManiac - "a…story with enough layers, themes and engaging characters to carry you away on an historical journey. I .. recommend this novel.." Read more

Sophie, Book Drunk - "…every sight and smell, every twist and turn in the tale is real because you are there with the characters, seeing everything unfold right in front of you. ..a wonderful, spellbinding escape .. with a story that will be difficult, if not impossible, to forget." Read more

Chloe S, Chloe’s Chick Lit Reviews - "I was completely transported away. A breathtaking read." Read more

Liz Robinson, Lovereading - "‘Before the Rains’ is a beautiful novel, subtle yet striking, full of impact, and full of love." Read more

Candy Hart, Candy’s Bookcase - "Her brilliantly written characters make me feel as if I was in the background watching it all unfold first hand. I could almost smell the pungent spices and the acrid smoke. I really couldn’t and didn’t put this book down. I really do highly recommend this brilliant book." Read more

Bronagh McAteer, Handwritten Girl - "Set against the swirling colours of India, this romantic tale makes for fascinating and insightful reading, with a strong and independent female lead and brooding hero, this suspenseful and thrilling story is riddled with secrets and drama and was impossible to put down." Read more

Alba Forcadell, Alba In Bookland - "definitely a story I won’t forget in a long time…a..mesmerising read." Read more

The Silk Merchant’s Daughter

What some other authors thought of The Silk Merchant's Daughter

"I’ve just finished ‘The Silk Merchant’s Daughter’ — what a vivid and well-researched story! It’s an exquisite depiction of colonial Vietnam on the brink of a new era; I could feel the humidity and the sweet scent of frangipani trees … Dinah’s writing is incredibly suspenseful and did not shy away from the harsh realities of warfare. I fevered with Nicole to the very last page; the tension is as taut as the silk that winds through it." - Lucinda Riley – bestselling author of ‘The Seven Sisters’ and several others

"Put everything else on hold. Turn off the phone. Be prepared to be swept away by this wonderful book. I couldn’t put it down and loved every delicious page. Dinah Jefferies has a remarkable gift for conjuring up another time and place with lush descriptions, full of power and intensity. I was totally captivated by its passionate and dangerous story of Nicole, as she fights to find her place in the turmoil of 1950s Vietnam, torn between loyalty and love. Deeply layered, full of twists and surprises, but with an edge of darkness, this book is an exciting, exhilarating, extraordinary story that is beautifully written. I loved it. A must read." - Kate Furnivall – author of The Italian Wife and others

"A captivating story, an exotic and richly imagined setting, sibling rivalry, romance, l couldn’t put it down" - Julia Gregson – author of Jasmine Nights, and East Of The Sun, plus others

What some reviewers had to say

K Book Blogger - "Full of atmosphere and beautifully written." Read more

Eleonora, Letture Sale e Pepe (Italy) - "Unica pecca la scelta della copertina che trovo dozzinale, ma purtroppo ultimamente questo succede di frequente. Quindi: mai fermarsi alle apparenze!" Read more

Pamela Scott, The Book Lover’s Boudoir - "I got completely caught up in Nicole’s world and didn’t want to leave it." Read more

Emma Henderson, The Independent - "If it’s engrossing and thought-provoking fiction you’re after……" Read more

Only Pretender, Wyznania Uzależnionej od… Książek (Poland) - "I recommend this book to all women who want to break away from the humdrum, everyday autumn. The trip to Vietnam last century, which will put you in the middle of a conflict between the sisters but also the empires, and the dilemmas of the main character, accompanied by hot tea and blankets will absorb you completely. rating: 5 +  (Above Expectations +)"

Recenzie Ksiazek, Z Ksiazka W Reku (Poland) - "..a romantic story colonial with sisterly rivalry, dark secrets and love..  a book about the search for happiness and their place on the ground. .. all this surrounded by a bloody war. I would recommend!" Read more

Elizabeth Bolondi, Classifica Libri (Italy) - "..told with lightness, mixing politics and society, war and peace, love and death, the inglorious end of French colonialism.  already a bestseller in the weekly charts of best selling books (Italy). It is a masterpiece from the literary point of view." Read more

Sabrina Guaragno, Blog di Sabrina Guaragno (Italy) - "this splendid book!" Read more

Alba Forbe, Alba In Bookland - "This is my first book by Dinah Jefferies and it won’t be the last for sure. What an amazing and captivating story it is. I love the kind of books that transport you to another place, to another time (one you have no idea about) and make you part of it." Read more

Julie Williams, Boon’s Bookcase - "..Beautifully written and Dinah has the incredible talent of bringing this book to life. The Silk Merchant’s Daughter is a fascinating story that was a pleasure to read." Read more

Jill Doyle, Jill’s Book Cafe - "It is a story that will keep you engaged, .. I can happily recommend this book" Read more

Amy, Compelling Reads - "..a beautiful story set in exotic surroundings so richly described you can see yourself in the heart of the action … making it come alive on the page –  She’s a master in what she does! … love this book." Read more

Sophie Donnelly, Daily Express - "Every smell, taste and sound from the bustling streets of Hanoi is brought to life in a truly addictive read.

Nicole is an incredibly vulnerable yet strong heroine … you can’t help but wonder what you would do in her shoes." Read more

Agi, onmybookshelf– I Heart Chick Lit - "The Silk Merchant’s Daughter is an incredibly clever, eloquent powerhouse of a book, full of emotions and difficult decisions – a love story in the brutal world of war and political tensions." Read more

Celia Moontown, Celia Moontown Blog - "…conveying the deepest and darkest side to human behaviour. It really tugs against your emotions …This book is wonderful" Read more

Vicki Bowles, Vikbat blog - "The Silk Merchant’s Daughter is an enthralling, beautifully written story." Read more

Ed Karen, My Weekly - "Beautifully atmospheric with twists to keep you enthralled.”  Read more "

Linda Hill, Linda’s Book Bag - "Dinah Jefferies creates a narrative as beautifully woven as the silks in the story as she conveys the emotions of love and hate, fear and happiness in a sumptuous read." Read more

Isabelle Broom, Heat magazine - "This Vietnam-set historical novel is utterly stunning. A must!” Read more"

Adele, Kraftireader - "I utterly adored this story. I was gripped with the intense drama and of the desperation of survival of the heart and soul. This was a beautiful, touching, at times harrowing and tragic story. A story of survival. A story of defending your heritage. A story of love." Read more

Liz Robinson, Lovereading - "Visually and emotionally powerful, ’The Silk Merchant’s Daughter’ is quite simply a gorgeous read." Read more

Katherine Sunderland, BiblioManiac - "…a portrait of someone learning about love and heartbreak. Nicole is never sure who to trust and whose story to believe… I would recommend it." Read more

Pam Norfolk Book Reviews, Lancashire Evening Post and others - "The Silk Merchant’s Daughter, an addictive blend of history, drama, romance and danger.." Read more

The BookTrail - "This played out like a film in my mind…. visually stunning and so poignant and sad. …but it was the plight of the characters, what it must have felt like at the time that really got me going…you’ll want to read it all." Read more

Deirdre O’Brien , The Sunday Mirror - "Lush and romantic, with an authentic feeling of place and period, Jefferies should have another hit on her hands here.”   Read more"

Rea, Rea Book Reviews - "This book did not disappoint and I can see this book easily joining The Tea Planters Wife in hitting that bestselling spot." Read more

Karen Dennise, My Reading Corner - "…..vivid imagery along with intriguing characters, wonderful locations ….   Another recommended read." Read more

Emma Smith, Mrs Red’s Reviews - "The Silk Merchant’s Daughter explores the politics of war, family secrets, betrayal and love in a beautiful yet tragic setting. A tearful and powerful story following Nicole into adulthood through some testing times. A highly recommended read for 2016." Read more

Susan House on NetGalley - "engaged my imagination from the start and held it throughout" Read more

Annemarie Macken on NetGalley - "…if she cannot even trust her own father and sister, to whom can she turn?" Read more

Hannah Dell’Armi on NetGalley - "I couldn’t put it down. The story had me gripped" Read more

Maddi Heinrich on NetGalley - "Dinah has crafted yet another tale of wonder, adventure and heartache" Read more

The Tea Planter’s Wife

What some other authors thought of The Tea Planter's Wife

"My ideal read; mystery, love, heart-break and joy – I couldn’t put it down." - Santa Montefiore – author of The Beekeeper’s Daughter

"It is a terrific and atmospheric read,  full of riveting detail, and very emotional too. I am sure it will be a big success." - Elizabeth Buchan – author of I Can’t Begin to Tell You

"The characters come alive moment by moment, as the secrets are unravelled… I was spell bound from beginning to end by the emotional twist and turns. Dinah Jefferies has hit a home run with this fabulous novel." - Deborah Rodriguez – author of The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul

"Dark secrets lie at every turn, hidden beneath layers of 1920s racism and the fearfulness of a crumbling colonial power, making for a thoroughly gripping tale. But what I loved most of all, underpinning the whole narrative, is the moving way in which Dinah writes about the loss of children and the redemptive power of love." - Liz Trenow – author of The Poppy Factory

"Dinah Jefferies has once again created a gloriously atmospheric and tension-filled novel. Immensely enjoyable, poignant and compelling." - Isabel Wolff – author of Ghostwritten

"Beautifully written and heart rending… a magical setting with a real sense of period." - Katie Fforde – author of A Vintage Wedding & A French Affair

"Vibrant and compelling – Dinah Jefferies perfectly captures the flavour of colonial Ceylon." - Rosanna Ley – author of The Saffron Trail

"The Tea Planter’s Wife is a wonderful book on so many levels, intensely moving and beautifully observed. I was enthralled from start to finish…Ceylon leaps to life in dazzlingly lush detail. The sights, sounds and smells are masterfully conjured. Dinah Jefferies brings to the story a power and intensity that drew me in and wouldn’t let me go in this intimate and emotional tale that explores where the boundaries of love lie. A deeply touching and unforgettable read that swept me away. I loved it." - Kate Furnivall – author of The Italian Wife

What some reviewers had to say

K Book Blogger - "this is a book about secrets and lies and one I would highly recommend" Read more

Meg, The Fairy Bookmother - "I enjoyed the book from beginning to end. It’s the perfect book for those late summer rainy days when you can almost imagine being in one of those plantation houses in Ceylon listening to the rain." Read more

Carol, The Book Reporter (USA) - "an utterly engrossing, compulsive page-turner that climaxes with more than one heart-breaking twist." Read more

Lili, Utopia State of Mind (USA) - "There are many times while reading that one longs to shout at the characters or persuade them to do otherwise. This is only proof of how fascinating and real they seem. No one is safe from mistakes, regret, and guilt. The journey we witness is full of complex and tortured characters all battling with their own demons and riddles. To unravel them throughout the course of the novel is a pleasure" Read more

Cristen, SAHM plus (USA) - "If this were a movie, you’d probably find yourself yelling at the screen. “The Tea Planter’s Wife” is masterfully written." Read more

Sandra Danby, Sandra Danby Book Reviews - "The Tea Planter’s Wife by Dinah Jefferies is a portrayal of an island riven by racial differences, a marriage riven by an inability to be honest…. I enjoyed this fragrant tale of the Hooper tea plantation," Read more

Wyres World blog - "….plenty of secrets and complex relationships, …I was there with them all. .. a thought provoking read …" Read more

Sofia, Lire en Bulles (France) - "La Mariée de Ceylan a été une lecture enrichissante menée par une plume intelligente." Read more

Rachel Elizabeth, RachElizabethBlogs - "‘The Tea Planter’s Wife’ is a must-read" Read more

Kristi Elizabeth, Brainfarts and Books (USA) - "a read that went so fast and was so intense that I would encourage anyone …to pick it up a.." Read more

Kirkus (USA) - "A melodrama of the waning British Empire."

Booklist (USA) - "Starred Review. …a superbly written novel that readers of historical fiction as well as women’s fiction will treasure."

Portal Veneza (Brazil) - "O Perfume da Folha de Chá traz culpas e segredos, sentimentos que correm o emocional com o passar do tempo, mas o enredo gira em torno de Gwen, suas relações pessoais e seus dramas e conflitos, por isso não é possível dar mais detalhes nesta resenha, pois é a vida no dia a dia da personagem que é mostrada e como ela lida em cada situação. É uma história que vale a leitura.." Read more

Coralie, Les Tribulations de Coco (France) - "La Mariée du Ceylan est une belle histoire pleine de mystères, de suspense et de romance." Read more

Loretta Polaski, Loretta Polaski Blog - "Richly detailed with a colorful canvas of a waterside tea plantation and its exotic inhabitants, author Dinah Jefferies, takes us on Gwen’s journey of love, loss, and forgiveness." Read more

Delphine Caudal, La Grande Parade (France) - "Somme toute, une histoire captivante et une véritable réussite littéraire !" Read more

Stephanie, Une souris et des livres (France) - "C’est une romance qui te prouve que le pouvoir de l’amour surmonte la vindicte, la jalousie, le chagrin et la douleur, et peut donner au cœur la force de pardonner, accepter, changer et avancer avec un espoir renouvelé." Read more

Conchego das Letras (Brazil) - "É um romance comovente, recheado de sofrimento, segredos e reviravoltas." Read more

Cynthia, Lectrice-Lambda (France) - "« La Mariée de Ceylan » est une lecture qui m’a surprise. Dinah Jefferies a réussi à me plonger dans son histoire, à me faire croire en sa véracité, à me faire voyager et ressentir des sensations." Read more

Véronique-Atasi, Atasi India Mania (France) - "“La Mariée du Ceylan” est un roman brillamment écrit, parfaitement bien orchestré et avant tout très captivant….est un roman composé de tous les ingrédients qui font de lui un bon roman et surtout un roman qui le tiendra en haleine." Read more

Elodie, Au chapitre (France) - "Bref, c’est un roman captivant plein d’exotisme, de couleurs qui jusqu’à la dernière page vous fera voyager…" Read more

Anne Sophie, Mes Petits Bonheurs (France) - "Je suis contente de cette lecture qui était une bonne découverte." Read more

André Daniel, Beco Literário (Brazil) - "“O Perfume da Folha de Chá” irá chamar sua atenção por toda transmissão de uma cultura diferente da nossa e a possibilidade de se aventurar em uma história longa que flui de maneira harmoniosa e cria excelentes ligações com as tramas lançadas no livro." Read more

Aline Oliveira, Stalker Literária (Brazil) - "Digo sem medo de errar, que foi se não a melhor, uma das melhores leituras do ano!  (5 star)" Read more

Nádya Macário, Rotina Agridoce (Brazil) - "Enfim, esse livro trouxe um tema bem pesado, me levou para um ligar e uma época ainda desconhecidos e eu só posso dizer que amei cada página e recomendo demais a leitura." Read more

Ginny, A Little Lantern (USA) - "The Tea Planter’s Wife by Dinah Jefferies is definitely a good read.  Sometimes, though, a good read qualifies as such because it makes you think, gives you the opportunity to expand or revise your perspective.  That is certainly the case here." Read more

Sandy, Feed My Biblio-diction (USA) - "What a beautifully written book." Read more

Yota Papadimakopoulou, Culture 21 Century (Greece) - "Μια ιστορία γεμάτη αντιθέσεις, όχι μόνο πολιτισμών, αλλά και των ίδιων των ανθρώπων, που ο καθένας απ’ αυτούς έχει την προσωπική του ιστορία ν’ αφηγηθεί, και που κρατώντας το χέρι κάποιου άλλου, έστω και στα κρυφά, μπορεί και δημιουργεί καινούργιες. Μια σπαραχτικά όμορφη ιστορία που πρέπει να διαβάσετε. score 10/10" Read more

Chrysa Vasileiou, Book City (Greece) - "Η « Νύφη της Κεϋλάνης » είναι ένα μυθιστόρημα πολύπλοκο και γοητευτικό, σαν τη χώρα στην οποία διαδραματίζεται η πλοκή του. Σπαρακτικά όμορφο, ακόμα και στις στιγμές όπου ο πόνος κυριαρχεί.Αξίζει οπωσδήποτε να το διαβάσετε και να ταξιδέψετε, να συγκινηθείτε, να ερωτευτείτε, να παρηγορηθείτε και να χαθείτε μέσα στις σελίδες του.." Read more

Kritikou Kalliopi, Literary Alleys (Greece) - "Ένα συγκλονιστικό, δραματικό πόνημα για την προδοσία, την απώλεια, τη βαθιά αγάπη και τις ενοχές που οδηγούν σε ακραίες και δύσκολες αποφάσεις …" Read more

Aione Simões, Minha Vida Literaria (Brazil) - "“O perfume da folha de chá” traz uma história bonita e bem construída," Read more

Mari, Compulsivamente Literária (Brazil) - "Não precisamos dos nossos dramalhões à lá novela mexicana para termos as mais diversas reações… Neste livro tive todas elas e mais um pouco" Read more

Bianca Santana, Viciados em Leitura (Brazil) - "O perfume da folha de chá é aquele drama intenso, que testa suas emoções e seu coração, cheio de altos e baixos, que traz uma história tocante, que abre um leque imenso pra discussões e reflexões." Read more

Thais, Amiga da Leitora (Brazil) - "Eu só tenho recomendações a fazer, para quem gosta de romances no estilo “O despertar de uma paixão”, com dramas, intrigas e segredos, vai se apaixonar por este." Read more

Reniére Pimentel, Versificados (Brazil) - "De maneira simples, mas direta e intrigante, Dinah Jefferies te leva a um caminho ao longo de toda história para, no fim, você descobrir que esteve errado o tempo todo. …O Perfume da Folha de Chá é, ao meu ver, um livro completo." Read more

Ane Reis, My Dear Library (Brazil) - "O Perfume da Folha de Chá é uma daquelas histórias que nos lembra do peso que as escolhas tem não somente em nossas vidas, mas na vida de quem amamos." Read more

Biia Rozante, Atitude Literária (Brazil) - "The truth is that I LOVED the whole of the work and I recommend it with great affection." Read more

Federica, Chocolate and Books (Italy) - "you will love this book, as much as I did, and I highly recommend you dive headlong into the exotic world that the author has described so well,  bringing up vivid images, colours and smells" Read more

Only Pretender, Wyznania Uzależnionej od… Książek (Poland) - "It pulled me from the first few pages and I could not break away ." Read more

Dryh Meira, Milkshake de Palavras (Brazil) - "..a very good and enjoyable read.  I found the author’s writing very good, and the characters were very well developed. And the cover is very beautiful, I can not stop looking at it! I’m curious and excited to read more of the author’s works, "

Sora Seishin, Meu Jardim de Livros (Brazil) - "The way the author, Dinah Jefferies, writes, makes everything seem very real – despite the fictional characters" Read more

Agata Papiorek, O! Shopping blog (Poland) - "Colorful descriptions of this exotic island and a mystery….. approachable style of the author." Read more

Lia Christo, Doces Letras (Brazil) - "An exciting, intelligent read" Read more

Alyson Richman, The Daily Beast (USA) - ".. a compelling, exotic journey to ’20s Ceylon." Read more

Olivia Silvana, Prefácio blog (Brazil) - "as I began to read, I was transposed into the story." Read more

Luciane Leite , O Que Tem Na Nossa Estante (Brazil) - "Anyway, it is not always that a book becomes our favorite, but this one was the case, so … RECOMMENDED!" Read more

Jamires Marins, Meu Epilogo (Brazil) - "O Perfume da Folha de Chá has entered my favorites list for sure!" Read more

Marissa, Clã dos Livros (Brazil) - "O Perfume da Folha de Chá is an amazing book" Read more

Larissa Alves, Unicórnio Literário (Brazil) - "full of suspense and surprises capable of holding the reader to the last page" Read more

Artika Aurora Bakshi (Sri Lanka), The Good Book Corner - "Jefferies’ masterful writing style transports the readers to exotic Ceylon. The hustle and bustle of Colombo along with its colourful and contrasting culture and people, gives a fragrant feel to the story. As the characters move to the tea estates, one can imagine oneself, amidst lush green tea plantations, with tea pluckers dotting the slopes. Dinah’s breathtaking description of the tea country brings the scenic vista to life….Dinah Jefferies’s novel is a page turner!!! Enjoy it with endless cups of Ceylon tea as this one is very difficult to put down!!!" Read more

Susurros de Csejte (Spain) - "The Tea Planter’s Wife has a plot that grabs the reader…. It is a highly recommended novel. (Translated from the Spanish)" Read more

Joanne Lewis, Pickled Thoughts and Pinot - "This book had me spellbound from the start…A fabulous read!" Read more

Barbara Frank, Waco Tribune-Herald (USA) - "This atmospheric family saga . . .  brings a touch of mystery with the romance in a beautifully descriptive setting." Read more

D. R. Meredith, New York Journal of Books (USA) - "Love, suspense, guilt, and hidden secrets with an underlying theme of race relations seamlessly blend together in a timeless story of an innocent young Englishwoman struggling to find her place in colonial Ceylon against unexpected circumstances and facing cruel choices. . . an enjoyable read." Read more

Katie Noah Gibson, Shelf Awareness (USA) - "Dinah Jefferies weaves a complicated story of secrets and tangled relationships…Lushly described and full of plot twists…The Tea Planter’s Wife is a satisfying historical novel." Read more

Library Journal (USA) - "“…the spellbinding tale of a young bride who travels to an exotic land…this atmospheric and suspenseful novel is reminiscent of Daphne du Maurier’s classic Rebecca and will enthrall fans of Gothic romances.”" Read more

Romance Reviews Today (USA) - "The Tea Planter’s Wife is full of secrets of various characters and the strangeness of a foreign land. The historical viewpoint of the tea trade in Ceylon at the time seems very accurate, and author Dinah Jefferies’s use of description and detail places the reader in the location. It is an unusual but intriguing trip to a little visited time."

Dalison, Romance Junkies (USA) - "..a highly atmospheric story, rich in details of time and place, suppressed secrets, and passions. Love, hate, and the heartbreaking misunderstandings caused by allowing the past to fester in darkness all add up to a good read." Read more

Julie Whiteley, The Book Review - "The Tea Planter’s Wife is an exemplary novel, written with a lush literary prose, which pulls me deep into the landscape and historical setting .. …ultimately this is a love story, one that proves love’s power to overcome vindictiveness, jealously, grief and pain, and can give the heart the fortitude to forgive, accept, change, and move on with renewed hope. …., set in a magical location, and is packed with riveting dramas that kept me engaged…I loved the atmosphere .., the slight Gothic tones, and the tantalizing pace that swept me away to another time and place." Read more

Kait, Kait’s Bookshelf (USA) - "I just had to keep turning the pages" Read more

Publishers Weekly (USA) - "…an engrossing tale of mystery, manners, and prejudice set against the backdrop of Ceylon (current-day Sri Lanka)…Jefferies shows that she can weave a suspenseful tale in which characters’ complex motivations converge in surprising ways."

Kathe Robin, Romantic Times Book Reviews (USA) - "“[a] dramatic tale of jealousy, deceit, secrets and heartbreak. The intrigue and suspense, add a Gothic flair to Jefferies fast-moving plot and the evocative atmosphere along with the realistic characters will captivate readers." Read more

John Charles, Booklist (USA) - "Combine this with the vivid, evocative manner in which Jefferies describes the beauty of Ceylon, now Sri Lanka, and the captivating cast of characters she has created, and you have a superbly written novel that readers of historical fiction as well as women’s fiction
will treasure."

Mavis Flowers, Amazon - "‘The terrifying fragility of happiness’ – A wonderful tale told with detail and emotion. A portrayal of another life in another world. Prejudice, cruelty, love and hurt. How secrets were kept and the damage this could do. How guilt made happiness so terribly fragile. Thoroughly good read and I really enjoyed the simple stark elegance of the prose."

Amali de Silva Wijeyeratne, The Sunday Times (Sri Lanka) - "Jefferies has artfully told the story of a young couple, both of whom are burdened with secrets but also demonstrate resilience in the face of unexpected situations. The book is well researched and the characters realistic….. keeping the reader in suspense until the very end." Read more

Harriet Birch, Blissful Blog - "Despite any preheld ideas I might have had about this book, it surprised me so much…. it was a beautifully written book….I just need time for my heart to heal." Read more

Chloe Spooner, Chloe’s Chick Lit Reviews - "a superb novel that I just did not want to end. … it moved me to tears ….a novel that will stay with me for a long time," Read more

Melanie Farmer, chapterandcake - "Gwen and Laurence Hooper are wonderful examples of characters who portray love, tragedy but above all hope, at times when all feels lost. … I really cannot recommend this (book) enough," Read more

haveyoureadthisbook - "It moved me beyond tears… my heart was bleeding so much for these characters that there was an actual ache in my chest. That is a powerful story." Read more

Lynsey Summers, Very Pink Notebook - "I was kept enthralled right up to the very last chapter as the discoveries were made, and deeply moved by how the plot unfolded." Read more

Jackie Law, Neverimitate - "Reading this book felt like living Gwen’s life, it was the journey through the pages that I enjoyed. I can understand why this book has become a best seller." Read more

Helle-Marie Andresen, The Student - "Dinah Jefferies produces a historical novel filled with heartbreak, tension and mystery……..a story about love and self-discovery ." Read more

Woman Magazine - "This is historical fiction at its heart-rending best." Read more

Michelle Ryles, The Book Magnet - "This is an absolutely magnificent book that successfully manages to sweep the reader away…" Read more

Amy, Compelling Reads - "…an emotional roller coaster but one hell of a ride!" Read more

Celia Moontown, Blog - " This is such a great story!! … The novel really does leave you feeling just a little bit wiser." Read more

Genes Reunited Book Club  - "The Tea Planter’s Wife is a story of guilt, betrayal and untold secrets vividly and entrancingly set in colonial era Ceylon." Read more

Jennifer Stokes, Daily Mercury, Morning Post and others (syndicated Australia) - "Go on a journey beyond a romance novel to something more complex and atmospheric." Read more

Woman & Home - "A gripping tale of love, jealousy, greed and tragedy." Read more

Amy, Compelling Reads - "…an emotional roller coaster but one hell of a ride!" Read more

Julie Turner, Julie’s Book Cave - "To be truthful I can’t find fault in this book.  ..  I just couldn’t put the book down." Read more

Jo, Jaffa Reads Too - "I was beguiled, immersed and completely overwhelmed by the power of the story and of my emotional connection to it……….The Tea Planter’s Wife is without doubt one of my reads of the year…" Read more

Kerry Hiatt, The Sunday Express - "Rich and incredibly evocative, The Tea Planter’s Wife is historical fiction at its very best. It’s just spellbinding." Read more

Woman & Home - "A gripping tale of love, jealousy, greed and tragedy" Read more

Pam Norfolk Book Reviews, Lancashire Evening Post and others - "Jefferies captures all the exciting exoticism of colonial Ceylon, its fusion of masters and workers, rich and poor, cinnamon and jasmine, light and shade, but without losing sight of the inherent racism and decaying colonialism that make the political backdrop to this very human drama so palpably tense and dangerous." Read more

Amy, Compelling Reads - "“Dinah has a magical way of writing which draws you into the place and times …. it’s so difficult to put the book down once you begin, Dinah casts a web around you and you’re in for the long haul here!  It’s an emotional roller coaster but one hell of a ride!”" Read more

Jan Lambert, Beady Jans Books - "Loved this one. Classy, quality writing, a stunning historical family drama set in Ceylon in the 1920s….the skill with which the author sets the scene is only surpassed by her skills at creating fabulous characters and weaving them into an irresistible story of family secrets and personal sacrifice." Read more

Rea, Rea Book Reviews - "I was thoroughly immersed in this storyline and I thought it was a beautifully written book," Read more

Shaz Goodwin, Jera’s Jamboree - "The Tea Planter’s wife is evocative of a time gone by. ….(a) very real world crafted by Dinah ….her writing is beautiful and brings the settings and emotions to life." Read more

Adele, Kraftireader  - "(A) story of love, discovery and heart wrenching secrets…. Beautiful, touching, heartbreaking, 5/5* ." Read more

Emma Crowley, Shaz’s Book Blog - "The Tea Planters Wife is an exciting, astounding story……into a new thrilling, dramatic world full of mystery and secrets…….. a thought provoking, powerful book ……The Tea Planters Wife is up there as one of my books of 2015" Read more

Tracy Shephard, Postcard Reviews - "The Tea Planters Wife is a stunning read.  ….. The way Dinah Jefferies writes is like reading poetry.. Beautifully descriptive and elegantly penned." Read more

Victoria Goldman, Off-the-shelf book reviews - "The sights, sounds and aromas all came alive in this well-written emotional and tragic story.   …I was expecting a straightforward saga with a few family secrets. But this book is so much more than this. It’s a story of jealousy, greed, love, exploration and tragedy." Read more

Karen Dennise, My Reading Corner - "This is a beautifully written drama of jealousy, deception, devastating decisions and guilt …….. some parts were just heartbreaking." Read more

Annie McDonnell, Chick Lit Plus - "This is a story that will capture your heart right away!" Read more

Jane Jakeman, The Independent - "Locked doors, old dresses, even a boathouse mystery, this is Rebecca with crocodiles. Very enjoyable … mystery (and) full-blown escape into the past." Read more

Jane Hunt, Jane Hunt Writer Blog - "There is mystery, romance ……Strong characters, well researched historical detail. The choices Gwen faces are terrible and life changing." Read more

Vicky (Vic) Leigh, The Welsh Librarian Blog - "…a wonderful thought provoking novel." Read more

Pamela Scott, PaperBlog and The Book Lovers Boudoir - "The Tea Planter’s Wife … is beautifully written and researched. I loved the setting in Ceylon. The author brings colonial life to brilliant, vivid life. I found myself sucked deep into Gwendolyn’s life as I read. Secrets can tear you apart. The Tea Planter’s Wife is vivid, rich and atmospheric.. I could smell and taste everything … The Tea Planter’s Wife is unforgettable, sad and touching." Read more

Jenny, The Gingerbread House - "The author depicts an amazing landscape of tea plantations, wildlife and weather. …….reading the book made me feel like I was immersed in the story…..made me want to read more to find out what was going to happen, I even found myself reading it …whilst my son was at a children’s birthday party!" Read more

Lisa Wise, WrongSideofForty - "I was captivated with this book from the first few pages…. the story twists & turns & pulls you in, so much so I could not put the book down … highly recommend this book." Read more

Liz Robinson, LoveReading - "An exotically intense, vibrant and memorable tale…… Written with true eloquence and compassion, The Tea Planter’s Wife is a profoundly moving and engaging novel." Read more

Linda’s Book Bag - "Senses are fully explored through the scents of cinnamon, the steamy heat of the monsoon season, the whisper of silk, the colours of clothes and the sound of drums… recommended reading for those who love sweeping historical dramas that are totally entertaining." Read more

Hannah Fielding, author and reviewer - "I read the book over three days, reading while the kettle boiled, reading when the clock was showing far too late an hour: I was utterly gripped." Read more

Sandra, Beauty Balm blog - "I simply loved this book and couldn’t put it down." Read more

Ailish Fitzgerald, Goodreads & Ailish’s Book Reviews - "Wow what a story! I immensely enjoyed this sensitive, thought provoking narrative which was beautifully told… with a backdrop of the attitudes to race and prejudices of that time which made this novel much more than an escape. This is a story that will stay with me. It is a must read!" Read more

The Separation

What some other authors thought of The Separation

"The Separation is as intimate as a kiss and as sharp as the blade of a knife. In this captivating tale of the bonds that connect mother and daughter, Dinah Jefferies explores the dangerous ambiguities of the human heart by peeling away its mysteries layer by layer." - David Gillham, author of NYT bestseller ‘City of Women’

"I LOVED it! Dinah Jefferies writes beautifully, especially when she’s evoking the tense, ex-pat atmosphere of the 1950’s and Lydia’s feeling of powerlessness. The steamy, claustrophobic heat of Malaya is beautifully described and the desperation of Lydia when she realises her children have disappeared – every mother’s nightmare – is palpable. I’m sure this will do incredibly well when it’s published." - Lucinda Riley – bestselling author of ‘The Light Behind the Window’ and several others

"A powerful story of love and loss that is utterly captivating. I was drawn deep into the world of Malaya and England in the 1950s in this intense exploration of what it means to love. Beautifully written and wonderfully atmospheric, Dinah Jefferies skilfully captures this fragile moment of history in a complex and thrilling tale. THE SEPARATION is a gripping and intelligent read." - Kate Furnivall – bestselling author of ‘The Russian Concubine’, ‘The White Pearl’ and several others.

What some reviewers had to say

Lizanne LLoyd, Lizanne lost in a good book - "The authenticity of the settings is striking, but what captivates the reader is the passion and drama of the plot. There are mysteries to solve, scores to settle and happiness to hope for.

Dinah Jefferies is a talented writer ….. Highly recommended." Read more

K Book Blogger - "…an excellent read. It’s left me wanting to read another Dinah Jefferies story.

 " Read more

Lindy Lou, LindyLouMac’s Book Reviews - "Highly recommend" Read more

Anneke van Dijken, Surfing Ann’s Boeken Blog (Nederlands) - "Het is een heel erg aangrijpend, emotioneel boek dat je vanaf de eerste zin te pakken heeft. Het boek is moeilijk weg te leggen, omdat je steeds verder wilt lezen, wilt weten hoe het verder gaat." Read more

LadyRomance (France) - "En bref, c’est un coup de cœur pour ce roman féminin sur fond de guerre civile en Malaisie en 1955 avec de l’amour, du suspense, des secrets… touchant et envoutant !" Read more

Maryline, Babelio (France) - "Un très beau roman" Read more

Pretty Rosemary (France) - "C’est typiquement le genre de roman qui se dévore et qui vous fait oublier tout le reste. Et ça n’arrive pas si souvent, en vrai." Read more

Celine, Mes échappées livresques (France) - "L’intrigue et les multiples rebondissements m’ont tenue en haleine. J’ai vraiment été émue par les deux héroïnes féminines de ce roman et la séparation cruelle à laquelle elles doivent faire face. Ces deux femmes aux personnalités fortes et combatives gardent espoir malgré tous les événements qui les touchent." Read more

Djihane Schmidt, Les instants volés à la vie (France) - "Un drame touchant où l’émotion est bien dosée, à travers un roman historique plein de surprises." Read more

Carnet Parisien (France) - "La Séparation nous plonge dans un univers exotique qui m’était inconnu : celui de la Malaisie des années 50. L’histoire de cette mère de famille arrachée à ses deux filles est le point de départ d’une longue épopée qui abordera de multiples sujets, sans jamais pour autant susciter la pitié du lecteur. Une belle lecture à découvrir !" Read more

Aurélie, Mon jardin littéraire (France) - "ce livre est une belle découverte qui a fait naître en moi des émotions très fortes." Read more

Kalwack, Sorbet-Kiwi (France) - "Je l’ai adoré du début à la fin," Read more

Sarah, Au Jardin Suspendu (France) - "Cette histoire m’a beaucoup touché" Read more

Ingrid Fasquelle, Histoire du Soir. (France) - "Riche, intense et puissant," Read more

Elodie Missonnier, Mamantitou (Belgium) - "Deux points de vue merveilleusement touchants, dramatiques et surtout.. on s’attache." Read more

Analire, Addict Books (France) - "une histoire dépaysante et très émouvante…Je recommande vivement !" Read more

Elenkaa, Pasion Libros/Spojrzenie EM (Poland) - "“Separation” is a beautiful and moving book about love, longing and endless hope for reunion with loved ones. Dinah Jefferies has proven for the third time that she can write heart-wrenching tales planted in exotic countries that are not just beautiful lands but dangerous terrains." Read more

Steph, Les moments lectures de Laconteuse (French/Belgian) - "Quelle belle et magnifique histoire ! … Un magnifique roman à lire d’urgence car il est un véritable coup de coeur." Read more

Lizanne Lloyd, Lost In A Good Book - "The authenticity of the settings is striking, …what captivates the reader is the passion and drama … a talented writer who is able to give context and characterisation to a moving, thrilling plot. This was a book I read late into the night, not wanting to put it down. Highly recommended." Read more

Jake Vecchiet, La Bibliothèque de Jake (France) - "It was a long time since I had read a novel of this quality, mixing emotions, adventures, destiny and travel." Read more

Nath, Songe d’une nuit d’été (France) - "I can say without hesitation that this novel was a nice “blow of heart” which I would still of think for a long time." Read more

Lynda Massicotte, Les Mille et Un Livres (France) - "what a novel, moving, engaging and most heart-rending,..A novel that you must read, a novel that you will not be able to let go once started." Read more

Artika Aurora Bakshi (Sri Lanka), The Good Book Corner - "The impeccable and deft writing style, the well constructed and deep plot, the thorough research and authentic descriptions……….The Separation, is a must read." Read more

PrettyRosemary Blog (France) - "I loved the way Dinah Jefferies portrays the Malay society of the 50s, between paradisaical illusions and reality of the civil war. .. It is …the kind of novel that devours you and makes you forget everything else. (translated from the French)" Read more

Deborah Swift - "What I loved about this novel was the contrasting settings – Emma’s cold, damp, dreary school, run by dour nuns, versus the colour, passion and heat of Malaya. And yes, there is a romance here too in this steamy setting. This is a real page-turner. The fact that the reader is always one step ahead of the separated parties makes for gripping reading, and means that the reader is always anxiously anticipating the effect of the new revelation on the separated children. This is dual narrative done really well, with both stories equally compelling." Read more

Samantha, Chick Lit Plus - "Quite a thrill ride, one I did not expect!  … You cannot miss a word!  Dinah Jefferies is a simply stunning writer!!!" Read more

Being Anne - "A gripping and emotional read, full of atmosphere and exotic detail, with a rattling good story." Read more

Books With Wine And Chocolate - "An amazing debut novel. Where have all these authors been hiding?

The prologue of this book is heartbreaking. I always finish reading my books by going back and re-reading the first chapter and having read the story the prologue seemed even more heartbreaking." Read more

New Books - "This is a powerful story of love and loss. There are some wonderfully vivid and atmospheric descriptions of Malaya. You can smell the tropics, feel the heat, and hear the birds and the bullfrogs…" Read more

Edel’s Book And Beauty Blog - "This story just blew me away!

From the opening chapter I was gripped when we first meet the characters then quickly learn something is not quite right .  This is an intricate story with plenty of twists and turns making it very hard to predict what could happen next…" Read more

Oodals - "A wonderfully written epic story with twists and turns that keep you guessing all through the book, with characters that are very well developed and scenes that are so wonderfully written that you will find yourself immersed in this novel for days." Read more

Novel Kicks - "I was reading well into the night and as a result, I am still trying to catch up with the sleep I missed because I couldn’t put it down." Read more

I Read Novels - "What a heart-wrenching story but at the same time it captures your attention. The Separation is gripping, powerful and emotional… millions of women readers are just going to love (it) and I just see her fan base grow…" Read more

I Heart Chick Lit - "The Separation is everything a book should be. It’s got suspense, mystery, heart and a little dash of romance. The emotions in the book were written with such flair that you’d be affected by the up and downs the characters go through. A captivating tale of love lost and found, hope and betrayal, The Separation is a rollercoaster of emotions, which will shake you to the core." Read more

Love Reading - "The Separation drags you in by the scruff of your neck from the first few pages and doesn’t let go until you have ridden the ups and downs of every chapter in this emotional roller coaster of a story." Read more

We Love This Book - "Set in the two contrasting worlds of the Midlands and Malaya in the 1950s Dinah Jefferies creates a vivid and evocative portrait of a mother and daughter separated… At times harrowing and always stirring, The Separation is powerful story driven by an interesting, twisting plot." Read more

Never Imitate - "The author writes beautifully. The story has depth, passion, fear and longing yet it is presented with a light touch that suggests as much as it describes. The tale is so much more than an historical account of family misadventures from days gone by. It transports the reader back in time to experience the lives and emotions as they were lived. I felt impotent loss and anger as I read, despair at the lies, pain at the tragedies, a glimmer of hope as the truth finally emerged…The scale of the story is breathtaking… I enjoyed this book immensely." Read more

Jo, Jaffa Reads Too - "I loved every bit of the novel, from the exotic background of the Malayan jungle, to the dismal background of rain swept England; there is never a lull when the story doesn’t pull you into a captivating story of love and loss." Read more

Pam Norfolk Book Reviews, Lancashire Evening Post - "The Separation, a heart-stopping rollercoaster ride from the steamy jungles of Malaya to the grey gloom of an English town, is a stunning first novel, full of fast-paced action, intense emotion and spine-tingling excitement." Read more