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Research trip to Sri Lanka

February 2013

Am very excitedly booking a research trip to Sri Lanka, the setting for my next book – working title -The Tea Planter’s Wife. I would really love to travel back in time to 1920s Ceylon, as Sri Lanka used to be called in colonial times. That’s when the story takes place. The travel agents couldn’t offer me a Dr Who telephone box, so staying on a Tea Plantation in the misty highlands of central Sri Lanka will have to do. Tough this research business – hope my third book won’t be set in Swindon! Sorry Swindon. Anyway, I’ve begun writing, and so am already spending hours in another world, and constantly surprising myself when I return to my actual world. I love making up worlds, but it’s important that they’re as authentic as possible, hence the trip to Sri Lanka. Bring on the monsoon!