Joys of Binge Reading interview, Australia 16th November, 2021

Jenny Wheeler in Binge Reading today talks with Dinah about growing up in Malaysia, the book that helped her break through as an international author and why she enjoys books that are rooted in community stories. (Link)

Candis Magazine - Feature Article: It's Never Too Late March 2021

Great article featuring three women who started their new careers after reaching the age of 50. One of them featured is Me! You can read the page about me by clicking PDF. (PDF) (Link)

My Weekly 24th July, 2020

We are thrilled to share an exclusive reading by Dinah Jefferies (author of The Tea Planter’s Wife) from her sweeping new novel The Tuscan Contessa. (Link)

Early Reviews from Better Reading, Australia 7th September, 2021

Preview Verdicts: Daughters of War by Dinah Jefferies (Link)

Article for Better Reading, Australia 15th September, 2021

Dinah Jefferies on Her Family History and Maintaining Hope in the Face of Darkness (Link)

Interview with Dinah in USA Today on-line 14th August 2018

Joyce Lamb interviews Dinah for the Happy Ever After section of USA Today coinciding with the publication of The Sapphire Widow there. (Link)

Dinah Jefferies – a Liz Robinson Author of the Month - Tales Before Bedtime blog 1st August 2018

Interview with Dinah by Liz Robinson (Link)

The Missing Sister on BookTrail 4th March 2019

A guide to some of the key location in The Missing Sister (Link)

Corriere Della Sera - La Lettura 8th January, 2017

Article in Italian triggered by The Tea Planter’s Wife Italian edition being the number one top selling ebook in Italy for 2016 and 4th top selling over the previous 5 years. Incredible. (PDF) 

Putting Authors in the Picture: Dinah Jefferies 4th March 2019

Liz Robinson of LoveReading  says “I always love looking at the pictures and captions to the author in the picture feature, there is usually a surprise or two waiting to be discovered, and isn’t it fascinating to look at the pictures that mean such a lot to the author. Dinah’s books are gorgeous, full of vivid colour and emotions, and they are also beautifully written.” (Link)

BBC Breakfast TV 3rd October, 2015

Interview with Jon Kay and Naga Munchetty on BBC Breakfast TV talking about Dinah’s success with The Tea Planter’s Wife and her positive approach to writing. (Link)

BBC Radio4 - Saturday Live 19th March, 2016

Dinah with Mel Giedroyc, Liily Xu, and others. Dinah’s main interview is about 1hr:10min in but she contributes through much of the show (PDF) (Link)

Saga Magazine February, 2016

Lovely article by Melanie Whitehouse. You can read it if you subscribe to Saga Magazine but a PDF is linked herel. (PDF) (Link)

ealife Saturday Magazine, 13th February, 2016

Fabulous feature article by Sheena Grant in the East Anglia Daily Times’s Saturday magazine section, EALife. (PDF) (Link) 22nd February, 2016

Dinah Jefferies on Building Characters in The Silk Merchant’s Daughter (Link)

Featured as one of 9 Fantastic Books Set in the 50s & 60s 29th January 2019

So pleased to see The Silk Merchant’s Daughter featured on this list of 9 Fantastic Books Set in the 50s & 60s alongside some amazing other writers. (Link)

One More Page 23rd February, 2016

My Amazing Research Trip To Vietnam by Dinah Jefferies (Link)

Uai, Jornal Estado de Minas 3rd March, 2017

Nahima Maciel writes about  The Tea Planter’s Wife and “Bestseller joining romance and historical fiction arrives in Brazil” (Link)

GL Magazine 20th February, 2016

Jonathan Whiley’s fabulous article, based on a long inteview with Dinah, in GL Magazine (PDF) (Link)

BBC Radio 4 - Womans Hour 13th October, 2015

Dinah Jefferies is relatively new to writing, but her second novel, The Tea Planter’s Wife, has already hit the number 1 slot in the paperback fiction chart. Dinah talks about why she waited until sixty to start her writing career. (Link)

Cotswold Life October, 2015

Katie Jarvis interviews Dinah about the writing of The Tea Planter’s Wife (PDF) 

Sample from Audio Book for "The Tea Planter's Wife" September, 2015

Listen to Avita Jay reading The Tea Planter’s Wife. The full audio book is available to purchase (Link)

Gloucestershire Echo 6th October, 2015

Cheltenham author Dinah Jefferies is #1 on Sunday Times Bestseller list with new novel. (Link)

GLWeekend 10th October, 2015

Time For Tea With Dinah – “I don’t have a social life any more because my social life is with my characters.” (PDF) 

Rebecca Mascull blog 12th July, 2016

It’s my pleasure today to welcome novelist and fellow Prime Writer Dinah to the blog, to talk about her Sunday Times bestseller The Tea Planter’s Wife and her latest book The Silk Merchant’s Daughter,…. These two novels are beautifully written, with gorgeously exotic settings, twisty-turny plots and memorable characters. (Link)

SoGlos 12th January, 2016

SoGlos speaks to author and seasoned traveller, Dinah Jefferies, about her local life, bestselling book, and anticipated third release. (Link)

Teabox Blog 11th September, 2015

When East Meets West – Dinah writes about choosing writing, choosing the East and what went into the making of The Tea Planter’s Wife. (Link)

Priya Prithviraj 17th September, 2015

Dinah Jefferies is just back from the Bewdley Book Week and she joins me for a short conversation on her latest novel, The Tea Planter’s Wife. (Link)

My First Book Deal 5th September, 2015

Interview with Caroline Madden (Link)

Serendipity Reviews 28th September, 2015

A Letter To My Younger Self (Link)

Experience Travel 5th October, 2015

Nick Clark looks at the logistics of the research trip to Sri Lanka for The Tea Planter’s Wife (Link) August, 2015

The Importance Of Research (Link)

YOU magazine 25th May, 2014

YOU magazine (The Sunday Mail/Mail online) May 25th 2014 Read Dinah’s article about the tragic loss of her son – how she survived and went on to draw from the experience to write her heart-wrenching novel The Separation. (PDF) (Link)

Cotswold Life June, 2014

Katie Jarvis’ article about Dinah’s eventful life. (PDF) (Link)

The Guardian June, 2014

The commune I ended up living in was so extraordinary that, in 1973, the BBC made a documentary about it (Link)

Radio Gorgeous May, 2014

Listen to Dinah’s interview about The Separation and more on the fabulous Radio Gorgeous – the place where women do the talking (Link)

Hi Magazine Sri Lanka 2015

Interview with Tina Edward Gunawardhana (PDF) 

Bookanista May, 2014

The Ghosts Within – background to the writing of The Separation (Link)

Gloucestershire Echo 8th October, 2014

Cheltenham Literature Festival: Dinah Jefferies on Telling Truths and The Separation (Link)

Dinah Jefferies: 'I felt robbed of our last moments together' - Daily Mail 25 May 2014

Article on the loss of my son in an accident at school when he was 14. In the Daily Mail (Link)

Losing everything at SIXTY can be the making of you: 7 July 2014

I  had planned the perfect retirement in the sun. The the financial crash of 2008 changed everything. In the Daily Mail (Link)