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I was born in Malaysia and moved to England at the age of nine.

As a teenager I missed the heat of Malaysia, which left me with a kind of restlessness that led to quite an unusual life. I went to live in Tuscany where I worked as an au-pair for an Italian countess, and there was even a time when I lived with a rock band in a ‘hippie’ commune in Suffolk.

In 1985, the death of my fourteen year old son changed everything. Although it was the darkest of times and I will always miss him, I’m grateful for the years we had together, and I now draw on the experience of loss in my writing. I set my books abroad and aim to infuse the love and loss with the extremely seductive beauty of the East.

My latest book, The Tuscan Contessa, marks a new departure for me as it’s my first set in Europe.

Amazon review: “In The Tuscan Contessa, Dinah Jefferies blends initial sumptuous glamour with harsh and realistic reality into an intoxicating read. The sense of place, of history and of human nature is a heady mix in this novel. I thoroughly recommend it.”

Although my husband and I spent five wonderful years living in a small 16th Century village in the Sierra de Aracena in Northern Andalusia, I’m happy to say we now live close to our family in Gloucestershire along with our two crazy Maine Coon cats.

Here’s a Q&A video I did  for Penguin about “The Sapphire Widow”:-

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